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Mouriesse Alick Global Internet Consulting

MAGIC 365 allows you to manage all your business with the web...

Isn't it Magic? Imagine that every aspect of your business managed with total control from the web! Imagine that all the tools dealing with your  Websites, contents, Leads, Customers, Products, Services, Marketing, Offers, Sales,  Invoices, Accounting and much are linked, integrated and work together in the same and effective web platform, 24 hours a day and 365 days a year?

Yes it is Magic.  It's MAGIC 365. Your disruptive Professional IT services and Web Agency that takes care of every aspect of your business to help you succeed. 

MAGIC 365 includes all services : IT Analysis, Infrastructure, Networking, Cloud, Security, Website Design, Advanced Web Development, Mobile App Development, Game Development, Brand Management, Logo Creation, Custom Domain Management, Secure Web Hosting, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Online Stores, Multichannel Sales, Point of Sale, Online payments, Online Services, Booking Management System, Applications for Restaurants, Schools, Colleges, Universities, Fitness Centers, Events Managements, Analytics & Reports, Email Marketing, Social Posts, Facebook & Google Ads, Customer Relationship Management, Blogs & Forums Management.​




...At an Incrediby Low Cost

MAGIC 365 In Numbers

Founded in


Part of MOURIESSE Family Hedge Fund firm, Mouriesse Alick Global Internet Consulting (MAGIC) is the Professional IT brand of Mouriesse Alick Collection Group. A United Kingdom company registered in London under the number : 13578372

Product Features


MAGIC 365 works with an integrated platform of IT services providing more than 200 features you can have control on.

Scalable Team with social flavour


Partnering with University 365, the private online IT and Management University of MOURIESSE Education Group, MAGIC 365 helps hundreds of IT students worldwide with effective internships that help us to offer our customers and incredibly fast support .

Number of Contacts


More than 200.000 contacts and customers are managed by MAGIC 365 integrated technology every day.

Customer Support

As a MAGIC Customer Support Specialist (CSS), you'll process complaints and issues related to MAGIC 365 products or services.


Then you'll help our customers complete actions in their dedicated website and business backoffice and frequently you'll provide advice and technical assistance as well.


Our CSS generally work from their home offices.






We're looking for a Blockchain engineer for data services firms and technology consulting firms we count as MAGIC 365 customers. As a MAGIC 365 Blockchain engineers you'll be specialize in creating and implementing digital solutions for organizations by utilizing blockchain technology. You'll be able to analyze an organization's technological needs and create applications to meet those needs utilizing technologies like Ethereum, and ensuring applications are secure.





UI Designer

You have at least 2 years of professional experience as a UX or UI designer.


In collaboration with our UX/UI team, you'll conceptualize, develop, and optimize user interfaces in the B2B and B2C environment. You have successfully completed your degree in the field of UX/UI.

You enjoy creative UI designs and continuous user experience optimization.





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